Buses on Screen

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Buses on Screen celebrates buses as they've been depicted on screen over the years, on film, on TV, in screen advertising, even in music videos. This is the perfect meeting of a great form of public transport and one of the great mediums of mass communication!

What's listed here?
Buses and coaches often appear in Television series and one-off documentaries and dramas; sometimes they pass in the background, sometimes they're integral to the action. TV movies are included in the Films section, which includes feature films, documentary films and any footage that can't be fitted in elsewhere. Music Videos and Advertisements feature more buses than you might expect. There's lots of interest to be found in cinema Newsreel, and in similar vein the short films of Harold Baim have their own section.

There's a separate page for Mystery Sightings - all the odd reported sightings for which there's not enough information yet.
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